Hotspot Software

A great way to make any shop, café/restaurant or business successful is the offer of a wifi hotspot to the general public, having a solid internet connect available for your customers will improve your business and widen your appeal. People love nothing more than to sit around and browse the internet on their portable devices or laptops so giving them the chance to do that in a comfortable environment while out and around town is something that most patrons will find hard to ignore. In order to get the most out of this kind of service is it important to use some hotspot software to help properly configure your wifi network.

The right kind of hotspot software will allow you to administer your network easily without the need for the client to install any software at their end. You can set up an easy to use log-in page that you can direct your customers to so that they can securely connect to your network as well as be monitored simultaneously by you. If you’re worried about your clientele using up too much of your bandwidth then hotspot software will allow you to restrict downloads and offer different packages for different fees. There is the option to offer your regular customers a limit of 10kb/s for example and the hotspot software will allow you to give VIP clients a greater bandwidth of say 100kb/s. The hotspot software will allow you to set as many or as little of these kinds of restrictions as you desire, you are in complete control of your network.

If you are concerned about the type of content that your customers are browsing or downloading then hotspot software will allow you to set restrictions on specific URLs or keywords to prevent the browsing of pornography and other explicit material. This is ideal for a public area where you wish to have people of all ages using your premises. Hotspot software also lets you keep track of your earnings, this is a fantastic way to keep onto of your taxes and maintain clear records of your dealings. Hotspot software can export these records in most types of standard formats such as PDF, CSV, HTML or text files. If you are a business that employs a number of people then hotspot software allows you to give your employees their own individual usernames and passwords for your wifi network. Not only does this make things easier for them it also give you detailed logs of their time spent online and the type of actions they performed whilst online.