Hotspot Finder

For those of us who go about our day to day business with a netbook or laptop in our bags it is sometimes very frustrating when we want to sit down and browse online but area we’ve chosen isn’t a wifi hotspot and it’s impossible to get a signal from the surrounding area. This is where a hotspot finder comes in extremely handy; a hotspot finder can be one of a couple of things. It can either be a portable device that can indicate if the location you’re in is a wifi hotspot or not or it can be a specific website that gives you detailed information and exact locations of hotspots.

The websites that offer hotspot finder information can be an extremely useful tool as they give exact locations and postcodes of hotspots, a good hotspot finder website will even give you details on the strength of the signal and how many providers are offering connections. With over sixty thousand locations listed for the United Kingdom alone it’s even easier to find a great little spot to connect. These kinds of hotspot finders are also available in application form for iPhones and for iPod touch so that you can use this information in conjunction with Google maps or another similar application to find your way there quickly and easily.

Now as the ability to connect to these kinds of sites or applications might seem a little futile without a strong connection or even a connection at all there are devices that can tell you without any connection needed if you are in range of a hotspot location. There are a few different companies that produce hotspot finders like Daffodil and Kensington that offer small devices that at the click of a button can give you the signal strength of your exact location without the use of any kind of computer software. The only drawback a battery powered hotspot finder is that their range is slightly limited; their outdoor range can be between 30 and 50 meters whereas their indoor range can be as little as 15 meters. For the right hotspot finder for you it’s best to do a bit of research and look over the individual features of different hotspot finder units.