Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

There are thousands of locations across the country that provides people with access to the internet via wifi but not all of them are free. Most train companies will offer wifi on their trains as standard but there is nearly always a charge of some sort, the prices usually vary depending on the length of time online you require. Free wifi hotspots are a considered a godsend for most people who like to connect, check their emails and work on the move. Depending on where you decide to connect these kinds of free wifi hotspots can sometimes be risky if you’re intending to check personal information or manage any financial information such as online banking or online payments.

As fantastic as these free wifi hotspots are it’s important to be aware of the potential risks involved with connecting to a network without any security measures in place. It’s usually advisable to steer away from checking sensitive important online as thieves without enough technical expertise will be able to use free wifi hotspots to copy your details during an banking session or online payments. It might seem paranoid but sometimes criminals will set up almost identically named connections next to popular places that are known for their free wifi hotspots. Be sure to check the identity of your connect to the best of your ability, if you’re unsure then there’s also no harm in asking a member of staff at the location to help you out. Be sure when checking your emails that you have contacted your internet service provider for their secure log-in URL. These nearly always start with https instead of the standard http, it’s important to note that it should remain as https in the address bar throughout the entirety of your session online. If you’re using a windows PC then the XP and Vista operating systems usually have something called Ad-Hoc automatically disabled but it’s always good to check as this allows two computers to directly connect to each other, not an advisable task while using free wifi hotspots. It’s advisable to make sure that while connecting to free wifi hotspots that you are working in infrastructure mode as it requires an access point.