Wi-Fi Hot Spots

As laptops and netbooks become a much more common site on our streets, cafes and bars there has been a greater demand for internet on the move. People wishing to surf while travelling by train or plane are able to gain access to the internet while travelling at incredible speeds but for those of us who prefer to relax and browse the internet it has become increasingly important that we can connect to a strong and safe network connection. Wifi hot spots provide people with direct access to wireless internet from a public location. There are certain shops that are well known as popular wifi hotspots, companies such as McDonalds and Starbucks allow their customers use of their wireless internet while they are patrons of their branches.

Some places offering wifi hotspots secure their networks so that only customers of their business can access the internet in the same way that people with wireless networks at home password their networks to stop neighbours and passersby leaching from their connection. Some places will charge a small fee to their customers so that they can safe in the knowledge that they’re surfing on a safe, protected network. This also helps the company to cover the cost of their in house internet at the same time as providing an additional service to their shoppers, having your business known as one of many local wifi hotspots will no doubt help to improve sales and assist in creating a solid customer base.

With mobile devices such as iPhones it’s never been easier to take advantage of wifi hotspots, connecting to the internet is becoming easier and easier as mobile phones and personal devices are able to search for any local network connections. Some phones do offer 3G connections allowing their customers to connect in any place they choose but they are considerably slower at browsing and downloading than simply finding yourself in popular wifi hotspots. It’s almost unheard of now for populated places in cities such as restaurants, cafes and even hotels and sports centres to not be places considered to be wifi hotspots. There has never been a better time to go wireless and take advantage of all the internet has to offer whilst on the move.